Is it normal that i really like windows 11?

I upgraded to Windows 11 months ago and I never regretted it! It feels and looks much better compared to Windows 10 for me personally. I noticed that a lot of people dislike it but I just don't understand why!

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  • Sick fuck

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  • Maybe the people who resist it don't necessarily have any qualms with Windows 11 and would rather not bother with the effort of upgrading

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  • The only version of Windows I disliked was Windows 8. I hated the tile thing they did.

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  • I'm neutral towards it. It doesn't really feel that different to me. I'm sure if I used my device more it would feel that way, but I essentially just use it for basic functionality.

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  • It's not really new, people always had a tendency to shit on the latest version of Windows, while glorifying the previous version. Hell, even the beloved Windows XP was shat on when it first released. People criticized it for looking childishly colorful, since they were used to the greyness of Windows 95 and 98.

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  • The long history of numerous bugs and issues with other software. That's why I'm sticking to 10, until I'm forced out.

    Honestly I dont see a difference between the new software updates but I see an increase with difficulties running mundane programs every time I update. So that's why I hold off as long as possible.

    I hate tech companies so I dont see much of a reason to always be on top of their newest 1% increase in XYZ until I have to.

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