Is it normal that i don't like my girlfriend's bestfriend?

My girlfriend's bestfriend (they met in college) doesn't give me a good vibe. She doesn't seem authentic at all. She invites my girlfriend to "friend dinners" and conveniently "forgets" to include me in the count, she gossips about people she's friends with and tells their very personal secrets sometimes. She was on the phone with my girlfriend once and told her to go find a better man, perhaps an athlete. She's even called me broke for not paying my girlfriend's rent and taking her on vacations.

Her boyfriend isn't held to the same standard she's holding me to.

I think she's just a shitty person. What do you think?
How do you suggest I handle interacting with her going forward?

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  • Yea we all got one of them. It will probably make things worse if you try and separate them. Just let ya chick find out on her own what she is like. be friendly to the friend, invite her over, do nice things for her. Make it like you are the mature one.

    Ahh gossip queen friends of our chicks. Can't live with em can't kill em' (legally)

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  • Fuck your girlfriend in front of her best friend. If she isn't happy about that, then she is a bad friend. what kind of friend wouldn't allow them to be pleasured.

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  • I agree with daft. Either you're fucking up or your girl doesn't value you enough to back you up.

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  • You need garbage for the scent of flowers to truly be appreciated.

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  • Depends how your GF is responding to that bs, is she standing up for you? personally i would question how she considers one with those negative qualities as a 'best friend'

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  • If you mean more to her than her friend then it’ll even out.

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  • Totally, you just have to like your lady not her friends.

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