Is it normal that i compare myself to my favorite musician?

Whenever I'm going to answer a question, or do something, I ask myself what they would do, of course I give my own opinion, but I still think about it. I also feel like them sometimes, if that makes sense? I'm not a stan er anything, I'm also not obsessed, but I compare myself a lot to this person. Even my personality, the way I look, ect. I know this celeberty did the same thing with the people they liked. Let me know if this is normal.

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  • Everyone has an ego. The purpose of an ego is to protect. Ego is the reason people compare themselves to others, and judge others/themselves.

    Just to clarify, this is completely normal. We all do this. We all have an ego.

    Our ego also comes out when you feel emotionally attacked, for example if someone accuses you of something that isn't true, your ego comes out to defend you, which is why sometimes in these situations, people say things they didn't mean and so on.

    I would recommend checking out the channel HealthyGamer on YouTube, as D.K has gone into detail about ego as well as many other things such as self esteem, depression, anger issues etc.

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  • Ego, much?

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