Is it normal that cannibal corpse lyrics make me hungry?

No, like, even songs like "Mangled, Hammer Smashed Face", and others make me want to eat flesh, I guess. Is it normal?

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  • Jeffrey Dahmer 2.0

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  • I dunno, because I've never listened to any of their stuff.

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  • Hungry for food? Yes that's fine, quite weird but not gonna cause you issues and is probably some weird psychological thing.

    Hungry for flesh??? Oh gosh I hope your not serious! WTF!!! Someone needs to contain you ASAP!

    Lol, don't you guys love it when the title seems fine and then you read the description and it adds some detail that make everything way worse.

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  • Pictures of charred/burned human bodies make me crave roast chicken.

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  • yall should be listenin to a proper band like the cramps

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