Is it normal i don't have any true friends irl?

I have a few "acquaintances" but most of the socialization I do is at work since I'm a team lead, I'm super talkative at work but sometimes it feels like I need to recharge my batteries and avoid people for a while lol. Outside of work I talk to a few people but most of them live in America and I'm from Canada. I posted about my toxic best friend before on here and a lot of people suggested I cut her out as much as possible since she was bringing me down and I did, she still wants to be friends but idk if its a good idea or not. I spend almost all of my time with my family which I dont have a problem with since I'm very family oriented but I'm worried being cooped up with my family could impact me negatively in the future. Am I the only one?

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  • What are true friends anyways? Like my father always told me "your friends aren't really your friends" it's nice to have them but you really don't know them like they don't really know you.

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  • A true friend will be there for you when you're at a low point despite the fact that it inconveniences them

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  • Normal in today's world.

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  • By the time most of us are in our 40's, we have pretty much given up on the whole "friendship" thing.

    Many are domesticated into non-existence because of a marriage and trying to finish raising kids.
    Even if someone isn't, it just comes a point where trying to be "friends" with people is not worth the bullshit.

    I do not know what age group you are but if you are not over 40 yet, try to enjoy whatever social life you can because as you noticed, most people over 40 seem to go into hiding and they are certainly not part of the "in" crowd.

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  • I have a couple of true friends, but I know a lot of people who don't, for various reasons. While it's beneficial to have them, it's not NOT normal to nother have them, if I'm making any sense

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  • I like some alone time. Especially when I'm playing mass effect. I hate it when I die and my friends are just sitting there trying not to laugh. awwwwww makes me so mad.

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