Is it normal for best friend to push you away when they're depressed?

They lost their job that they worked hard to get and they said they feel empty okay and now they are depressed and are not acting like themselves at all it's scary. They're getting mad at me for no reason, their voice is angry toned, they're snapping at me for no reason, they told me to leave them alone and that they don't want to talk to me so they're pushing me away and when i made Christmas cookies for them they didn't even say anything no thank you at all.

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  • Yeah that is normal for depression.
    Tell them you're there if they need to talk then give some space for now.

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    • I'll give them space but it hurts because they don't even want me over for Christmas eve we always spend Christmas eve together I feel like they hate me but I don't understand why they're not wanting to spend time with me during December and they haven't text me back now for a day they never left me on read before. I just said I hope you are okay and that we can still spend Christmas eve together I bought you a gift I think you'll like and zero response like they don't care it's making me depressed and feel like I did something wrong :(

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      • Depression sucks for everyone involved.
        I feel for you and your friend and I hope that things make a turn for the better.
        It's important to remember it's not your fault. Distance yourself a little both for your sake and theirs, its never worth it comprising your own mental health for someone else to the point you get depressed yourself.

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  • You may also find that when one is depressed they may feel angry not wanting anyone to help them.

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