Is it normal, at 36, to dread birthdays?

I'm 36 years old and my next birthday I dread, it just means I'm getting older. And as reality goes it hurts, what if I have my 77th birthday? That's what I dread, I prefer not to seem old as I get older. Is that normal?

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  • I dread it since 25 lol

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  • You don't get older any faster just because it us your birthdays mate. It's just another day of the year. It is normal to not be enthusiastic about it though. Age is inversely related to enjoyment of own birthday parties.

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    You'll spend your thirties crying about missing your 20s
    your 40's thinking back about how young your were in your 30's
    your 50's remembering how active and able you were in your 40's
    your 60's thinking about how your 50's really wern't that bad and you shouldve realized you were still able
    your 70's thinking man what id do to be 60

    Its all relitive , dont waist your life crying away your moments of youth , 36 is still young , when your 77 or whatever You'll look back at 36 like you were a god damn teenager and you'll regret that fact that you just told yourself you were old and didnt do cool shit!

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