Is is normal that i don't get a job and i am 25 years old

Why do I stress so much about my unemployment? Sure, I graduate two years ago and have been applying for jobs everywhere but I could not find one, I now become restless and even more stressful because I am still dependent on my single parent; This unemployment gives me nightmare! I am now 25 years old, and it is extremely difficult to find any job around here.I am from India# I Just cannot handle the stress anymore + sometimes the stress and trauma goes to my head and it hurts like someone is pounding on my brain -: All I can do is just to sleep and when I woke up , I still cannot regain my energy for studies."my life is devastated" ' I just want to know the genuine agency or platform for job abroad

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  • I'm in almost every day. Lower your standards. Take the interview you normally wouldn't. You're not committed to taking the job, but it's good practice and exposure.

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    • This is excellent advice. When you're coming from a position of no experience at all you really need to just get out there and get involved in everything that can.

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  • Maybe you just need more intermediate steps along your career path before you reach your dream job.

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  • I was unemployed till i was 24 until i became a pornstar and now i am fucking 15 year old girls all the time, life is good.

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  • Well, you can go back home and to india# and get a job there. Or try. Half the world population or more is in same situation. Suck it up and do what you can to survive.

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  • Yeah it's normal. Especially now it's extra difficult to find jobs so a lot of people are in the same situation.

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