Is germany a shithole?

ive never been to Germany and always wanted to visit, but ive talked to people who lived or visited there and they all say the same thing. Dont waste my time there.

I keep hearing that it is ugly and the people are unhappy and frustrated with life. They are increasingly angry about immigration and think its harming their country.

If you've ever been to Germany or are a German can you please tell me if this is true? Is germany going downhill?

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  • I worked in Germany a few times (I was an aerospace quality engineer.) It was very good there but the immigrants have fucked every major town and city.

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  • i like their attitude towards highway drivin

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  • Omg no. Germany is the BEST!!!! Shnitz and good beer 4 life.

    The only shit thing about Germany is that the stereotype about them following all laws is 100% true. German moms will give you the goddamn stink eye for days for jaywalking in front of their children.

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  • Germany is beautiful but the people are shit human beings.

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  • Yes and the US is the toilet thanks to the greatest president ever.

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  • Only the areas with refugees and gypsies are shitholes.

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  • Argentina is a shithole, trust me.

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  • As far as my humble knowledge goes, I don't think it can be any more of a shithole than the US

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  • It's okay if you're into that kind of thing. I feel they'll do better with a dictator

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  • I have been there and I have cousins that live in Frankfurt. It depends what you mean by shithole though.

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  • I have never been there. I have a brother who was stationed there in the military. I know a female friend who lived there for years before returning to the US about a decade ago.

    I've met many people who have visited.

    The reports I have is that its a great place to visit if you can accept that you are actually expected to follow the local laws, to inquire what are cultural norms and do your best to comply.

    Your best bet is to ask a German about how things are done, and apologize when you don't get it right or make a mistake. The Germans are reportedly forgiving people for people from other countries who try...

    I've traveled through about 20 or so other countries and I find that the same is true everywhere. The locals expect you to inquire on the local customs and make an attempt to comply. They forgive less than perfect if you are trying and if you apologize.

    So before you travel - and to be blunt: Just pull your head out of your ass and understand that you are a visitor in another country who is expected to adapt to the local cultural rules as best you can, and apologize for obvious mistakes. That used to be called basic etiquette.

    No one likes someone who acts as if their home culture is superior... and is unwilling to show basic courtesy.

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