Is anyone on here affected by corona?

How is everyone holding up? So far my whole uni schedule has been turned up side down but that's about it.

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  • The house has been emptier than usual. My friends & family bake me chocolate stuff all the damn time (it's a prerequisite. You want to raid my fridge of all the beer, you have to bake me something) and it hasn't happened for weeks. No cake, no cookies, no mousse, no nothin'.

    They email and text photos instead with little HAHA! emojis as I lay on the floor twitching and writhing in sugarless agony, those heartless bastards.

    I've lost 3 lbs. The only one doing the talking in this house is my stomach. The fridge is full of beer I will never drink!

    Then I come on here and read about armpit sniffing and people who want their aunts to be their wives and how Trump and the Bible are all anyone ever needs!! The walls are turning brown and melting!!

    Fuck you, coronavirus! FUCK YOOOOOU!1!!one!!1!

    Other than that I'm managing okay.

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  • I was suspected to be infected with Corona. As a result I had to call in sick for two weeks because nobody wanted to test me. I was also kicked out of my apartment and now I have half a week of vacation until I have to talk to my boss.
    So far I could use the time for health examinations, which would be important even without Corona, but it was still not nice. One is treated like dirt.
    EDIT: I had bronchitis. And only bronchitis. I'm fine since one and a half week.

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    • Most people I’ve heard getting tested, have come up positive for something else. I’m glad you’re better.

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  • My town is getting hit pretty hard with it. Nobody knows how to stay the fuck inside. I've been staying at my boyfriend's place since there's fewer cases in the town he lives in, but it's a farther drive to work. XD

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  • I've been sick now 5.5 weeks with the "flu"; but, not sick enough to be able to get tested in Wisconsin (they are currently only testing people who are being admitted to hospitals in Wisconsin due to test kits and needed test analysis chemicals shortages.

    I'm 63, have Type II Diabetes, Asthma, and worked in a high risk (high contact with travelers and strangers) profession. I cannot positively claim that I had contacted someone known to have covid-19, although I had routine contact with people who returned from china and other parts of the world (none of whom I know who they were or have any way to contact).

    If I had a positive test my employer would have provided 2 weeks of income. But, nothing without a positive test.

    My main source of income has vanished due my inabilities to work due to (and the position is almost gone as there are very few travelers now). I have some other gig work that I can do at home from my computer. But, that is limited "as needed" hours that typically is only 5-7 hours a week flex time; and that project ends in May.

    I'm in the advanced planning process to start a new company to expand my income opportunities once I can return to normal "working" status. I expect to file my company registration, file for appropriate state permits, and set up my website within a week.

    There is the seed of a greater opportunity in every challenging situation. I learned that long ago... and I'm sure that my wife and I will get through this and prosper.

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  • Is anyone here living in England? I dont know of anyone being tested. I feel like we should be testing as many people as possible. America has the highest amount of confirmed cases because they've actually done the testing. Whereas in England we've hardly done any. I bet there's so many more people that have it without knowing. And they haven't been tested. So they will continue just to spread it everywhere. We need more testing!!!!

    And i know of 2 elderly that have died from it.

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    • I live in a village a few miles from the most southwesterly corner of Wales.

      We're recent incomers, so our local network isn't huge, but for what it's worth we've not heard of anyone being tested and nor have we heard of any cases. From what we've seen, people seem to be pretty much sticking to the lock-down in our village, and I'm sure the fact we're some distance from the main population centres will at least delay its arrival and spread here.

      You're right about testing; unlike other places in Europe, it's just not happening in the UK, so nobody has a fucking clue how many cases there are, where they are or how it's spreading.

      In fact, nobody has any fucking idea how many people are dying in the UK, since the figures released every day are only for deaths in hospital, many happened days before, and people who die in care homes or their own home aren't being counted at all.

      The spaffing, gibberish-spouting idiot Johnson and his equally incompetent, self-serving cabinet have screwed this thing up almost as much as his big orange pal across the Atlantic has, and their incompetence has turned a serious problem into a crisis complete with body-bags. Yet the most popular papers and media outlets are mainly concerned with telling us how we should all be ecstatic that fucking Johnson seems to be recovering in hospital. They seem to believe that makes him some sort of fucking saint or hero on the same scale as Churchill, and they've all forgotten how he bragged about going around a hospital shaking hands with everyone not long before he was diagnosed.

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  • Was about to buy a handgun I've been drooling over forever but I cant cause my job isnt secure cause of corona so yea that sucks alot.

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  • Lost my job, and future jobs.

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    • You beat me to it!

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    • True.
      I do not believe in the concept of a "non-communicable" disease or ailment. If you live with someone who has anything, even like a broken bone or mental problem, you will be affected.

      Corona is screwing up everyone's life in some way

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  • The sea is so much cleaner. The air is cleaner.

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  • I'm still able to work, being a nanny, me going to work enables both parents to work from home. Haven't seen anything specific in Aus saying nannies are essential or non essential as per government edict...but I've seen mention in US media that theyre considering it an essential job. I took ubers for 2 weeks to minimise publiv contact, then the last 2 weeks, my client has insisted on driving me to and from. I'm considering getting a hotel near them instead, but I'm not even sure that's legal right now.

    My podiatrist knew someone who had it in Singapore back in January.

    The partner of a contractor working in the building I work in (residential building) got it. So far, the contractor has no symptoms. Its been 10 days, so hopefully no transmission to any residents or other building workers...

    One of my cousins is an ICU nurse. She cannot confirm if she has cases at her hospital, but she has adamantly expressed her view that it is super serious and she doesn't want her parents or our grandmother going anywhere or having any visitors.

    Another cousin and his gf are paramedics. They know two paramedics who have contracted it through doing their job.

    That cousin's mother is a midwife, but thinks she's a brain surgeon/rocket scientist/every religious figurehead and has been getting right up in my grandmother's face. Literally. Especially when shes had a cough. We're locking our doors now, and next time, I'm calling the police. Got a few stories they and her hospital would LOVE to hear... Day after she was last here, news reported a covid19 death at her hospital.

    Been lucky it's all second hand, so far. Who knows how long that'll last...though Australia's numbers are doing better, so long as fuckwits don't take it as a sign fuckwits...

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  • No

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  • I already work from home. Except now I am supposed to homeschool too. My husband is considered essential so our income is stable. My sanity is questionable. And I am now supposed to check in with all the old people I know so I am quite busy. I have mixed feelings about it. I like parts of the situation, but clearly not all.

    I know a handful of people with it. Some got tested, some have not. The family in Washington were tested for everything but Covid-19 as no tests were available for them and they didn't need hospital care. Process of elimination says they likely have it.

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  • I know someone who had it, but recovered from it.

    My hours have changed a bit and I'm not able to do a lot of the social things I normally enjoy, but that's mostly it. I will be grateful when things go back to normal.

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  • We closed down the dealership until the corona thing ends, so since the beginning of March I'm a full time bus driver. Worked out a deal with the bus depot boss to drive full time until we reopen the dealership. Sadly bus drivers pay is not enough to cover all my monthly expenses.

    Had to close down my business in March too and give unpaid vacation to my employees, still giving them a monthly (tax free) bonus to keep them from leaving (good and cheap employees are hard to find)

    And now I shop from the cheaper supermarkets, buying only the essentials. Gotta at least try and minimize expenses in troubling times. It feels like I'm back at university... Scoping for good deals instead of just buying what I want.

    On the plus side, all non essential stores are closed. So my girlfriend can't buy anything we don't need and we can save an extra few bucks.

    The roads are almost completely empty and my bus tours rarely have over 10 passengers. It's a very relaxing and lazy work day. Listen to my music, cruise around my empty city, or do even lazier village tours in one of our coaches.

    All in all, coronavirus has had a negative effect on my financial situation. I've put all car modding and restoration plans on hold. Until I get back in the green, I'll have to skip vacation.

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  • I stopped going to work, too risky. They just took me off the roster. They will probably close by next week. If they reopen they’ve said they’ll put me back on but I’m not holding my breath, with the world headed for a Great Depression.

    I’m studying now from home and thats been stressful as they’ve had to transition it into an online course.

    I have little to no income so I’m living with my parents, both retired and we’re pooling whatever money we get together. (I get a little from being a student)

    My dad won’t give up his freedom and still goes out all the time. He’s 72. I just can’t get through to him, which is frustrating.

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  • I freelance, so I haven’t been having any work. Nobody wants to hire me to do anything right now. It’s a problem.

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  • Sometimes I get a little tipsy but usually doesn't do much to me.

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  • Haven’t been able to get in contact with my fiancée’s parents in weeks, they live in China.
    We usually video chat a few times a week and visit every few months, but since the outbreak it’s been silent.
    Pretty stressful, but we are staying positive.

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  • as stated before i think i coulda had it in early feb after returnin from spain but didnt get tested and it was kinda early in the timeline so who knows

    ill get the antibody test when it comes out and i really hope i did have it already

    im sposta be workin now but im not

    its no big deal im useda havin time off for months at a whack

    so im up at the ranch doin projects fuckin off on the internet stayin sober and chasin squirrels with the dingo until who the fuck knows

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  • It's mostly lame not being able to go around and talk to people. Not really bothered by the lack of job situation or anything else. I don't really post on other websites much and honestly don't have many indoor hobbies so I'm basically just drinking heavier than normal. Was tryin to kill time riding a bike cause theres a really long bike trail by me but it's completely infested with zombie parents and their crotch spawn who aren't aware enough to see that they're in peoples way.

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  • Been doing more fishing bc that’s the only thing that’s legal here in VA. My fridge and cabinets are full. I went to the grocery store expecting things to be in shambles. Turned out everything was fully stocked.

    I don’t have a job, as I work in the restaurant industry and filed for unemployment. My restaurant is still open but we have a lot of other parents (me as well) who are working. I just feel like if I take their hours, they will file or we will all have less money to feed our kids. It’s a lose, lose at this point.

    My “baby daddy” is a firefighter and the cities are super fucked bc they pissed on all the spending and now don’t have money where they need it.

    I personally feel like this whole thing is horse shit. I mentioned in a previous post about “5g” and I think it has a big role to play in this scenario. I believe the government is controlling our day to day by keeping up limited to social media that they control.

    That being said, I have been practicing social distancing bc if it is real, I don’t want to be part of the problem.

    Cheers, y’all. Best wishes.

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    • What is this connection between 5G and corona? Yeah I could look it up but companies have screwed up things so any search results are skewed.

      Also for grocery stores being stocked - that is because of shorter hours and most of the hoarders have had their fun by now.

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      • "What is this connection between 5G and corona?"

        It's a complete fantasy, is what it is.

        It's always impossible to prove a negative, so nobody can prove that 5G has no connection to COVID-19, but South Koria has had 5G for some time and a minimal number of Corona virus cases, while Iran has no 5G at all and lots of COVIF-19 cases. That set of facts should make even rabid, scientifically-illiterate conspiracy theorists and social media meme-super-spreaders realise that it's all nonsense. But of course they won't accept that, and they'll come up with some spurious explanation that they believes justifies them continuing to hold on to their idiotic fantasy.

        The fact is that this delusion makes even less sense than claiming that the per capita consumption of cheese in the USA has a causal link with the number of people who die after becoming tangled up in their bed-sheets. There's a graph showing a correlation of those two figures here:

        But the world is full of idiots who look for simple explanations, so in the middle of a crisis where a lot of people are even more reliant on mobile phones and the internet than usual, we've had people in the UK setting mobile phone masts on fire (some of which aren't even 5G-enabled), and others who have harassed engineers who have been running fibre-optic cable and accused them of being pawns in an plot to commit mass-murder.

        How mobile phone operators will benefit from killing off a large part of their customer-base is never explained by these cretins.

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      • I hadn’t even heard of it till now. Apparently most nerds already know that 1,2,3 and 4 g all cause a significant amount of radiation to the earth and life forms on earth. 5g is much worse. And soon 20 k more satellites are going up. Essentially, this a distraction for the placement for all these satellites and we’ll all feel so good about coming out of hiding soon, no one will give a fuck about what’s to come.

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        • just my take but the world is too chaotic and people too unpredictable for some moustache twirlin billionaire villian or villians to be pullin grand schemes like causin a worldwide pandemic to cover up the rollout of a cellphone radio data system that may or may not be dangerous

          if theres ultra wealthy shadowy shotcallers secretly runnin the world then they truly suck at their job

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          • I've thought for a long time that the world can be divided into those who believe in the fuck-up theory of history, and those who believe in the conspiracy theory of history.

            My view is that far too many people are far too stupid and enjoy bragging about their power far too much for the conspiracy view to hold much water.

            People in power make selfish, short-sighted choices based on poor information, and shit happens. Unfortunately, sometimes there's a nasty synergy, where stupid decisions in one part of a complicated, interconnected system ripple out and give lots of other selfish, blinkered, short-sighted people the chance to make their own stupid decisions, and then you end up where we are today.

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  • Ok who voted they have it? I wanna know

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