Is a construction job for 15 an hour worth it?

What do you think? Overpaid or underpaid? I'm not taking the job but I'm just wondering.

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  • Yes if you have no experience.

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  • It's pretty average. In my area taco bell pays 17 with a 500 sign on bonus. I make 26 mon-wens and 40 Fri- sun in a climate controlled building. It's pretty dope. So if your fresh off the press It's OK but nothing to exciting

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  • That's your call, buddy. That's what makes capitalism great. You decide your worth, that construction company can't enslave you (That's the government) and put you to work for what they decide. If that place is offer 15 and you feel you're worth 17, it seems like it's not worth it.

    Keep in mind, it goes both ways. They might not even pay 15 for someone with no experience and if so than they'll pay someone what they feel they're worth. Neither party is required to make an agreement. (Unless there affirmative action involved).

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  • No

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  • If you dont want a career its not the best. Amazon starts out at 19-25 now.

    It depends how old you are and what you want to do. Construction can actually be very profitable if you learn the business. I did construction on the side a bit and had friends who started doing it in their teens and now in their 30s have their own business doing contracting work making a lot of money. But its hard on your body and not for everyone. You gotta be built tough to stay in that kind of work.

    Generally in America you are going to start out doing it young and learn the business and then one day hire Mexicans and young Americans for 15 an hour to do the work and you supervise what they do and make sure they do it right and you take home most of the money because your name is on the contract.

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