Ion to be race shamed because I want white babies

I was a maid of honor in my best friends wedding. She is Jewish and her family often talked aboit how great it was that she (the bride) married a Jewish man. I'm an American of Swedish descent but everyone says i am racist because I am attracted to and want to marry a white man and have white babies. My latin friend says I am racist because white people are supremacists, I don't think like that

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  • Because I want my children to be white because I am white. I hate Trump. My point is everyone other than white people get to marry their same race/ethnicity and not get accused of being racist

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  • They sound stupid. Marry whoever you want.

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  • Nothing racist about it at all. Don't fall for the feminist/liberal brainwashing, whites can marry whites all day long.

    Your friends are just jealous they're not white.

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  • Why was it necessary to mention your desire to marry a white man if you are white? That comes off as racist. Sort of like saying that you are a Trump supporter.

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