Inn that i have dreams about killing people and family and not hate it?

Sometimes I have these dreams where I kill people. Mostly my family. I am actually really scared because sometimes when I close my eyes I just imagine it over and over. Sometimes when I am awake I get urges to do it but not overwhelming. When I wake up from the dreams though I don't hate the idea of them being dead.

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  • I don’t know your situation, but from what I just read sounds like maybe you don’t like your family. So maybe subconsciously you wish you could just get away from them. I would definitely consider talking to a therapist about it though. And if you’re worried about your violent tendencies you probably don’t have to be worried about it because if you really wanted to kill someone it wouldn’t bother you. But still therapists work magic if you have a good one. I would definitely consider it.

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  • Only normal if simultaneously masturbating.

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  • Get help

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  • It sounds like intrusive thoughts, seek a therapist.

    Also, is your family abusive?

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  • It sounds like, as others have noted, your dreams are attempting to allow you an outlet to “solve” (albeit in a most morbid fashion) a problem you otherwise can not address in waking life. I have had many of these dreams.

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  • Normal

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