In to want to repair this relationship?

So, I fell for my next door neighbor. He used to be very outgoing but he committed a sexual crime ten years ago (he's 35 and I'm 32). Either way, we made love. He was very tender. But afterwards, I don't know why, I treated him so cruelly. I hit him. I made him cry. And he said, "All I wanted to do was love you. No one has ever given me the chance."
I want to hold him in my arms again. God, why was I so mean? I see him every so often and he avoids me. He seems sad. Should I tell him I'm sorry?

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  • Are you fucking kidding me? You both are some weird ass mfs.

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  • If you feel sorry for something, you should apologize.

    But not in hopes of gaining him back. You seem toxic. I’d avoid you too.

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  • The sex 9ffender charges are bullshit. You can become a sex offender if you take a piss on a bush and someone happens to walk by. You do that you can no longer live near kids. And everyone will automatically think you are a pedo or a rapist or both because you had to take a piss Likley in the middle of the night

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  • Are you really willing to change? There are extremely few reasons to hit another person; and none of them have anything do with having a loving partner in your life.

    It is normal for you to want to repair this relationship - and I suggest that you start by:

    1) Apologize to him and explain that you don't know why you were so mean and are entering counseling. Ask him to participate as well on what happened that day.

    2) If the counselor is decent they will assist you to identify some things about you that are behind that behavior. Then you are going to have to be brave - and suck it up and change. That's the hard part which many people refuse to do.

    If you can do that - then the relationship is likely repairable; as are other future relationships.

    I wish you well with this,

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  • You should apologize

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  • What were you thinking?

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  • talk about blowin hot & cold

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