Im pretty sure im anemic?

I always have cold hands and feet even in the summer. I am always pale even if I spend time in the sun and even when I travelled to a warm country once I came back pale.
I feel lightheaded or dizzy randomly.
I have headaches all the time.
I am always tired.
I bleed a lot on my period so maybe thats a reason but only the first 2 days of it. A few months ago I bled through a whole pack of pads in 1 day for example and I got my period today and my fingers are colder than ever even when I was in the hot shower my nails were blue and hands not as warm as the rest of body.

Is this serious and why no one ever suggested it?

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  • It would be very simple for you to see a doctor to have this checked out: how do you expect people on the internet to diagnose you?

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  • I'm not an expert, but I bleed a lot too, but drinking a lot, sunshine and iron supplements make me feel better. Plus eggs. Just eggs. I hope you're getting enough to eat and sleep too!

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  • Why are you asking the unqualified random strangers on the internet about your medical problems, especially on a website that has people that regularly recommend random people take antidepressants and psychedelic mushrooms?

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  • The person who would normally suggest something like that would be a doctor. If you don't go and see one then they aren't going to be suggesting any possible causes.

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  • You need to see a doctor.

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  • Go talk to your doctor and ask for a blood test, best way to find out :)

    Could be completely normal though, cold hands and feet could be down to poor circulation, dizziness and headaches could be down to dehydration, and most periods are very heavy for the first couple days and then lighten up towards the end.

    But always talk to a professional about things like this, as not everything you read on the internet can be true.

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