Is it normal to want a crusade?

I don't know man with all those Muslins in Europe I just want the good old crusade. make Istanbul Constantinople again

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  • Yeah and then we all die cuz it’s caused the third world war
    If it were you you would wanna be murdered because of religion either
    Cmon we at least grew a little as people, there’s no way Europe would bomb stuff anyways
    Remember what caused the refugee crisis in the first place? Yeah if u do that again there’s gonna be more of it...

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  • You would give the Muslims a reason to unite. Believe me they are no joke when it comes to a good fight.

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  • As if Christianity will bring back enlightenment and order, look at the middle ages, retard. Also, you are by definition Islamophobic.

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  • Your fucking stupid!

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  • That’s psychotic and stupid. Your no different than the terrorist. I’m assuming you are American. Who do you think helps fund the worst of the Muslim ideologies. We are no better than the monsters we claim to fight against.

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  • If all European countrries plus America went on a crusade, there'd be no way those Muslims could win.

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