Is it normal to think about something thoroughly that will never happen?

I have this thing that I do where I think about exactly what I would do if something unlikely will happen. One day I was walking my dog through an alley and I heard the door opening from the back exit to a condo and I automatically thought that there would be someone that would come out of the door, go behind me and cut my neck open, I would run into the the street and someone would call the cops and I would survive but barely. While the cops would come, I would have to describe the killer but I wouldn't be able to. I do it a lot and i wonder if it is something that happens to other people.

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  • how many twists are you going top put on the same stupid question?

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  • Why does it always have to be bad? Why could it not be a sexy milf coming out the door and she wants to ride ya cock

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    • i dont have a cock and i usually dont control it a lot but good thinking

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  • Yes it's normal, you are just a creative thinker. Just as long as it doesn't effect your normal life, you are just fine!

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