Is it normal to play dumb for attention

I always crave attention from people around me but just find my real self boring. So, I occassionally play dumb like acting naive, being clumsy and mispronouncing things to get their attention for instances. Then, people get convinced and will usually laugh and give me the attention that I desire while they get to feel better and superior about themselves while they are around me. It's a win-win situation.

I even manage to nail some friends by doing so. I don't think I am going to stop pretending anytime soon.

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  • You do you I guess.

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  • Be yourself, be your true self NOT being in a persona that you're not.

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  • You need to learn to validate yourself and give yourself attention. This isn't normal.I hope you find peace. 💜

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  • Unfortunately, some people belive it works best for them.

    I'm done with them the instant I figure that out. I'll still be polite to them; but no more assistance or advice.

    I'd rather invest my time and resources into people who are real...

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  • I use to act this way anytime Id deal with cops in my younger days. "No officer I didnt know my license was suspended... I HAVE A WARRANT!?!? I thought I paid that one..."

    I got pulled over like 5 times in 3 months for a suspended license and still pretended I didnt know it was suspended.

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  • Lots of girls acted that way in high school.
    Seems legit dumb to act that way as an adult but whatever floats your boat. I guess it works depending on the maturity level of the people you associate with..

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