Is it normal to not wanna go to uni due to study loans?

I have very high anxiety about money spending. It's probably related to my diagnosed dyscalculia. At 11 years old I genuienly did not understand the difference between 5$ and 50$ and even though obviously it's not that bad now I still struggle with everything related to numbers and value.
I absolutely would never go to university because the thought of having high loans to pay back scares the living shit out of me. It's almost like a phobia. I have loans now because the education I want required me to take loans but it's a loan I could pay back in a year at a decent salary at least as long as I live at home yet I still nearly had a panic attack when I realized I had to take this loan and a few times I broke down when I had to use some of the money from the loan and had to reasoned with that it's not a lot of money and that I shouldn't worry that much. I don't really need to go to uni for the job that I want but it wouldn't be a total waste either of course but I could just never imagine doing it. It feels like everyone just takes loans all the time without even giving it a second thought though so it doesn't feel like a very common fear to have.

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  • Higher education is nothing but a business. As a student of Accounting I had to study unnecessary craps like social science which had course fees, and they had 0 impact on my current Job. The insane amount of money we spend on college education is pathetic. After graduating from high school where we get the basic education to sustain ourselves we should follow only thy career specific curriculum and that may not involve so many courses which you take beside your major courses.

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  • That mindset is gonna come in handy later in life. Also if you dont wanna spend money on a car loan you'd be surprised how you can get a decent car on craigslist for 2000-3000 dollars. You never have to have a car payment

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  • Yes that is normal.

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  • Well if you have rich ass parents and grandparents like me you can get enough boost through college that you don't even have loans. That plus a good job over the summer and on breaks and I will have no debt debt when I graduate, as in ahhh zeeeero.

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  • Most of the time the only thing that matters is which university you went to rather than what qualifications you got. If a potential employer sees that you went to Harvard or Oxford they will assume you are intelligent and civilized. If you went to Liverpool uni, they assume you spent 4 years partying and eating pot noodles

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  • I’ve never gone to college and I don’t plan on it. I have 2 kids and live in the best area in my city. I care for my kids perfectly on my own and have no debt.

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