Is it normal to hold hands and stuff without a relationship

Im sorry if its a stupid question I dont really know much.

Im seeing someone and on our friday date that we had he kissed me and for a little while held my hand when we walked.
I have social anxiety disorder and little experienced.
Its going great in we connected from first date like we already knew each other.
When he kissed me I move away quickly. I got worried what to do and bad negative thoughts. I explained to him later and he was okay with it and understood.
I see him again soon and I dont know what is expected.
I dont know if I should initiate a kiss when we say hello or if its too soon.
I dont know if we should hold hands when we walk.
He held my hand when we walked to the park but he didnt take my hand when we walked back later. I did not because I was not sure. I always never want to be clingy.
I dont know if you can walk outside with holding hands if you are not a couple? Do guys like if you like him and you show it by doing these things? Or get annoyed and think its clingy? Im sorry if stupid because anxiety make me overthink everything in my life 24/7. And hate myself

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  • It is OK to hold hands with a friend and not have it develop into a sexual relationship.

    However, a lot of people don't know that... and think that holding hands is saying yes to a lot of other things.

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