Is it normal to have my own preferences?

Many people around me get annoyed when I express my likes and dislikes, especially about people. They say it’s wrong to dislike someone who is not your type. I can get their point but does it mean that I have to accept everything and everyone? Can I just simply say I like or don’t like someone because, well, I prefer this or that?

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  • Tell them to fuck off.

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  • both

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  • I have found its usually best to keep my likes and dislikes private in most public settings.

    You don't offend other people that way... not to mention it reduces the number of times you verbally insert your foot into your mouth; which is hard to recover from.

    You have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion and you will likely do very well.

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  • We all have what we like and dislike.

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  • Maybe the way you're expressing it is the problem. There's nothing wrong with expressing your likes and dislikes in things and people permitting it's not out of place so don't feel like you have to hide your preferences unless it's something like a fetish.

    I'd suggest investigating if how you're expressing yourself is more the cause of reaction.

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