Is it normal to get gayer when you're angry?

I get gayer when I'm angry. I am best described as bisexual, but I turn into a catty, finger-waiving gay man when something gets me angry. One of my older brothers is gay, and he does the same thing when angry despite being a more masculine, "bear" type of gay man - in fact, the only reason my family knows that he's gay is because he went off on some tirade about his boyfriend where he was all "LISTEN, sister," and so on. Normally, I am very stoic until someone gets me angry, and then I start waiving my finger around like an angry black woman. My brother, who is gay, is also very proper until someone does something that pisses him off. Is it normal to get gayer as you get angrier?

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  • You sound like you would be great entertainment at family dinners. To answer your question; yes getting sassier with rage is normal.

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  • I could see that. Sometimes you cant tell with gay guys and then theres a certain mannerism that you see that gives it away. Sometimes its the way they dress, not all but alot are good dressers. Their outfits look tight and perfectly choreographed

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  • Wave your finger at me and you’ll draw back a stump, no exaggeration.

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    • Lol, I'm so scared of the hypothetical encounter with the tough guy on the internet.

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  • this post made me laugh so much.

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  • "I start waiving my finger around like an angry black woman"
    A round of applause please...
    *rolling my eyes* (like a black woman)

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