Is it normal to feel broken

I began to date someone for the first time in 2 years. I've had it rough with depression and anxiety so
I never thought i'd be able to feel something for someone again and then I did. But he rejects me...
I felt with this one that he was going to reject me but i've tried to block it out. He seemed to agree to the most recent date to be nice, because I wanted to see him and I said we can postpone it when I noticed his attitude but he said no.
It was only the fourth date so I shouldnt be sad but I develop feelings so rarely nowadays... We had such amazing connection from the start therefore I blame myself. He admitted that he realized after the most recent date that he didnt feel that 'extra' for me required for a relationship, but he clearly felt it on the third date. :/
I should not have asked if he wanted to see me in the middle of the week when he has began a new job which is demanding.
If it's possible to have such an amazing time with someone and they still reject you, then how is there any hope?
I had a gut feeling he would do this... I told myself if he does he is naive if he thinks amazing connections happen often... He is in the ADHD-spectrum so I guess he is impulsive...he must be if he rejects because of 1 tired date when the prior ones were really good.
It still sucks. I ccant handle abandonment.
It's okay though I will come out of it eventually but right now I feel very confused and broken. It seemed very promising we were talking and flirting and laughing and connecting on a personal level and then one slow date is enough for him to abandon me.

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  • I went through it for years, (really, like 20 years) before finding someone who appreciated me if I was high energy, low energy, sideways or upside down. Hang in there and I’m sorry that you’re hurting. Virtual hug!

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  • Find yourself before you NEED someone else

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  • Sounds like he’s just a tool. Not much mystery to it.

    Plenty of other people out there. You can do better.

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