Is it normal to feel anxious starting new relationship?

I am in a new relationship and I found myself worrying if it will work out. I feel like I think about it too often, like almost every day. I'm trying to remember if I felt this way in previous relationships and I think not. I feel like since I got more experienced I see lower possibility that it will work out.
Is it normal ?

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  • What are you doing to ensure that it does work out?

    I suggest that you get the book: "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman and learn about some key knowledge and skills on how to make it work out.

    Note, you should probably buy your BF a copy as well. It will likely open his eyes as much as it does yours.

    There is a "Teenager" version specific to that age group if that would be appropriate.

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    • I actually have that book 😂

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      • Good for you. You are clearly in the 1% of people who are actually interested in making things work.

        I hope it was as educational to you as it was to my wife and I.

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  • It's totally normal to feel it may not work out, but to think about it everyday is not. When you're with someone you feel a strong connection with, those thoughts never cross your mind, unless the relationship was doomed from the start.A few questions for you that you don't have to answer,but feel free to.
    What makes you think this relationship won't work out this time? are they giving you warning signs, or is just your thoughts keeping you from actually enjoying the company of another?

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  • Get pregnant then he’ll never leave you.

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