Is it normal to drink red wine with a headache?

I've had headaches everyday again lately and I almost never drink but sometimes I really want to and right now its because it's been really tough lately and wine makes me feel good I only drink 2 glasses anyway. A few weeks ago when I did this on a mild headache though it triggered a horribly painful migraine. Other times when i've had wine on a mild headache nothing happens. How can I know what will happen??? Does drinking water too help???

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  • Hydration almost almost helps with headaches. Mechanical issues can be at fault, for sure, but hydration is a big thing.

    Alcohol dehydrates. So your chances of headaches worsening is higher.

    I have a shitty headache right now. My brother swears by Hydrolite for headaches so I'm trying it even though it tastes like unsweetened, weak jelly (jello) that looks like fluoro pee and makes me gag.

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  • Some of the chemical compounds in red wine are known to trigger migraines in some people. My understanding is that the levels of those substances are not the same in all red wines, so the result isn't always the same. I don't get migraines, but the hangover I get after drinking red wine is worse than after consuming any other form of alcohol.

    Dealing with problems with alcohol is never ideal, but if you decide to have a couple of drinks, make it something other than red wine, and make sure you drink a large glass of water before going to bed. That will counteract - to some extent - the dehydration caused by alcohol which, in turn, is at least partly the reason for hangovers.

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  • I often GET a headache after drinking red wine?

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  • The brain damage caused by all the wine has lead you to the erroneous belief that the wine helps.

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  • Why is red wine the first thing you think of to cure your headache? How about some aspirin, an ice pack or a nap?

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