Is it normal to date immediately after breaking up with someone

Is it really necessary to Give yourself sometime?

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  • Usually good to have some time to re-evaluate what you want in a relationship and potential partner. As well as what you want to give to a relationship and potential partner. Think about what you have to learn about your last relationship. Find your mistakes and patterns. Etc

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  • I give it some time, normally three months is my magic number before I'll even really consider anything serious. That doesn't mean I won't play in between I can find a FWB that I know will just stay a friendship but also take care of needs.

    A girlfriend of mine won't break one relationship until she has already got another fish on the hook. I just think that's mean, but she doesn't do it to be mean she just gets very depressed and feels worthless if she doesn't have a guy that she considers her boyfriend.

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  • People tend to be more emotional and vulnerable right after a breakup, which could lead you to jumping into an unhealthy relationship.

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  • It depends why you broke up and how much of a real relationship you had prior to the break up.

    Within the recent "hook up" culture it's totally normal to move on without a 2nd thought or a pause between dates.

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  • The rebound thing is a real phenomenon, and it can lead to people leaping into an ill-judged new relationship and doing things they come to regret.

    On the other hand, it would be silly to suggest that the only right response to a breakup would be to always go into a period of months of mourning the death of the relationship. Sometimes, you realise after a relationship has officially ended that it really died long before, and you've already gone through the phases of grieving and you're eager to move on.

    There aren't any hard rules, but I think it's generally a good idea to spend at least a couple of weeks trying to understand precisely why the relationship failed and how you can do better the next time. If you come to the conclusion that every bit of the blame lies with the other person, then you probably need to think a bit longer - if only to try to figure out what it was that led you to get together with them in the first place.

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  • Do what feels right to you but it's best to focus on yourself first.

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  • Eww.

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