Is it normal that there's nothing abnormal about me?

Im not a sexual deviant, im middle class and I dont have any mental issues or hang-ups. Is this normal?

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  • You have your abnormal side, just that you haven't noticed it yet

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  • fuckin weirdo

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  • I would say you probably haven't developed much if you don't have any hang ups, which would be a hang up in itself, or you're lying to yourself

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  • “Im not a sexual deviant“

    That is highly abnormal. Most people are they just don’t tell others, so one is often unaware of the deviancy.

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  • I don't know how normal it is per se, but what you have described is certainly rather commonplace. Good for you, I hope you're relatively happy.

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  • I’m a firm believer that the idea of “normal” is just a concept created by observing the general population of an area and creating an average. No real person is truly normal in every category.

    You must have some weird habits or odd past experiences, maybe you just aren’t aware of them because you don’t talk to other people about them and see their reactions?

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    • Yes, like if you let an isolated human develop in ideal conditions that *might* lead to a normal human, but there are too many things at play in the real world for someone to genuinely be normal. Deviation is a natural part of development

      I've heard people discredit psychologists by saying giving them 5 minutes would make them diagnose you, but to me that only gives the field credibility, assuming the psychologist is a decent human being

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