Is it normal that my wife is now "the man" in our relationship

About a month ago I was talking to my wife about anal and she said she would only do it if she could peg me. I said no way is that going to ever happen.

Well this past weekend she asked me to "put it in her butt", so I did and it was amazing. Afterwords she told me to bend over (I assumed she was going to lick my scrum like she sometimes does) But no...

She put on a strapon and lubed it up and began pounding me in the ass. I dont even know where she got the thing, and we didn't discuss it. I felt so violated. I have lost my manhood.

She now is making all the decisions: deciding where we eat, what we're doing this weekend, etc. She says I must ask her before making any major purchases and I make way more money than she does. I feel demeaned and powerless. Whenever I bring it up she tells be to stop being such a pussy or a bitch. What should I do?

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