Is it normal that it takes me a few days to drink 12 bottles of beer?

If I bought 12 bottles of beer, which I did, I would finish them within 2-3 days. I like to get drunk regularly. For my Dad however it would take around a month to finish. Is this normal?

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  • you are your liver can handle that huge amount of beer...

    but your liver will definitely show you what MESS you created with it coz of chronic alcohol abuse' after 50 years of age....AKA liver liver cirrhosis and hepatitis etc....

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  • And I can take 3 weeks to finish one bottle of wine. Everyone has different tolerance.

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  • stoppit go drink water

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  • 4-6 each day. It’s not awful but you should probably try to cut back, it’s quite unhealthy.

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  • I have a pretty nice collection of drink. Some fruity beers, a few meads and wines flavored vodka snd rum. Most unopened. Maybe get drunk twice a month. Maybe. You drink to much man

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  • That's really fucked up.

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  • 12 beers for 2-3 days seems normal to me.
    I'm still sure it's above the "recommended guideline for the average adult", but whatever...

    I usually drink about 4 beers a day. Or 6 on weekends, plus Rakia and sometimes a glass of whiskey later in the evening.

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  • I still have a huge bottle of rum I bought on New Year's Eve last year.

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  • There are three cans of what Americans would call hard cider (and Brits just call cider) that have been sitting in our fridge for about a month now. I hardly ever drink alcohol in any other form, and it's very likely most of those cans will still be there next month.

    Alcohol is a toxin, and there is no safe level of consumption. It messes with a wide range of organs, and habitual drinking of even relatively small amounts of alcohol can leave you looking and feeling much worse than you would if you didn't ever drink.

    If you feel the need to get bombed regularly, then I suggest you take a look at your life, think about what you're trying to escape and consider whether there are things you might change that would make you happier.

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