Is it normal that i think anti-american sjws should just be deported?

There are so many SJWs in the United States who does nothing but loathe America all the time. I'm truly sick and tired of these scum! They should all just be deported to Mexico or some other third-world shithole if they hate this country so much!

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  • It does become tiresome. I've watched people claim western culture is homophobic and then in the span of five minutes support mass immigration of people who are from cultures that when polled showed the vast majority wanted homosexuality to be illegal.

    It feels as if they're the kids that never grew out of their petty rebellious stage and now we have to pretend to take them seriously for slaying dragons in their garden.

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  • The American Right trying to reinvent the gulag and mass displacement, we’ve come full circle

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  • I'm not american, but I absolutely agree. Fuck unpatriotic people!

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  • The issue I have with this sort of thinking is that:

    1. it gets deployed against valid criticisms against the U.S., and
    2. it's typically deployed, ime, by people who want to secede from the U.S. and resurrect Jefferson Davis every time a "liberal" does a thing.

    Part of having freedom of speech is that you use it in order to criticize your culture and/or government; you might not like the fact that certain "sjws" are using their 1st amendment rights in ways that offend you, but it is the height of snowflakedom to insist that such people should effectively lose their rights just because they use them in such a way that makes you uncomfortable. I've never understood these right-wingers who go about, whining that the KKK's rights to free speech have been violated due to the existence of protestors within their vicinity, but who then insist that people who use the 1st amendment for the very purpose for which it was invented (criticizing the govt, for instance) should be given a plane ticket out of the nation or whatever.

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  • Tribalism is the true root of evil.

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  • SJWs are usually raging assholes so I'm not made at you.

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  • Its a problem. When I was growing up and especially after September 11th you didnt have people talking so badly about America. It's mostly from young people now as well. Young people that grew up during September 11th were much more patriotic.

    I worry that if you have a population of people that basically says fuck you to their country arent they more likely to stand by and watch it be destroyed?

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    • I think kids in school who don't stand for the pledge of allegiance deserve an old-fashioned round of beating.

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  • I think a large chunk of them do actually want to immigrate out of country. That's clearly not all of them, but still.

    I've known from a young age I wanted to immigrate out of the US.

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