Is it normal that i read a light novel for over 12 hours today?

For over 12 hours with a few breaks I was hooked to this Novel. It's been over 12 hours and I can't stop reading it, I'm truly addicted! I spent all night reading and got no sleep at all.

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  • I think you are normal because I also really love reading and I’ll spend hours reading as well. But you should probably get some sleep and take care of yourself. The book can wait for a bit.

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  • Totally normal... and it shows a clear path to success if you can start to target some of your reading.

    All real leaders are readers... and typically multi-hours a day. Warren Buffet reads more than 6 hours on an average day... Many other examples of names that you would recognize can be cited.

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  • A typical reader behavior dony fret

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