Is it normal that i'm anxious about moving out?

I'm a British university student. I actually moved out earlier this year and lived in halls for a while, but due to covid-19 everyone had been told to stay at home since Christmas.
It was "until the foreseeable future", but now we've been given a date to move back - March 8th. I feel sick just thinking about it. I love my family, and it was so hard moving out the first time. I spent weeks crying from homesickness, and between knowing how hard it was, how unpleasant halls can be, and how my mental health has taken a severe hit since the start of the third lockdown, I don't know if I'm ready at all. I'm losing sleep every night because of it.

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  • Very normal, it is already dificult enough to deal with college dorm life, but add covid crqp it must be stressful. Talk to your family often, maybe make friends on campus, you must be young so if you're healthy you have almost zero fear of the virus.

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  • Of course it is normal, just so you know it will take some time when you do adjust to the new place you are in.

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  • I think it's very normal. I also love my family and hated the homesick and lonely feeling I had when moving out for the first time (as well as the anxiety of moving at all; even moving into my very own house was hard because it was a huge change and for awhile, it felt like I was in someone else's house and didn't belong here, and everything was just so different).

    It will likely be hard at first, but with time you'll start to adjust and feel better. Is there a way you could video chat with your family while you're away? I know it isn't the same as being there with them, but you could still be able to see their faces and hear their voices this way.

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