Is it normal that i'm an adult with speech hesitancy

I struggle with pronouncing words so I often change what I want to say. I'm a slow talker and it takes time for me to say something. I sometimes forget how to pronounce simple words that I never struggled with before. I think part of the problem is that I can't clearly pronounce sounds that make words. The longer the word, the more likely I'll make a fool of myself.

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  • This happens to me often especially when someone catches me off guard and starts a conversation.

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  • Yep.

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  • I mix up my words all the time. It sucks when I’m working and then have to come up with something funny to make it not awkward. But with my people I’ll just stop talking and they know I’m having a teeny malfunction.

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  • Yep I have the same thing. Whenever I talk to someone they think I have a foreign accent or they ask me to repeat myself about 10 times

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  • Being someone who speaks multiple languages I think I can relate a bit. I went to school in Switzerland for a year, though it was private and Russian-speaking, and I remember being a bit insecure over my accent.

    I remember people saying it sounds like I burnt my tongue, I think because Russian is a ‘deeper’ spoken language. Recently in the US I got the same comments, though such things don’t bother me these days like they used to

    There’s a few words I absolutely can not pronounce at all though I wouldn’t say I have a speech impediment. ‘Wheelbarrow’, ‘rear wheel drive’, to name two. Actually it’s kinda funny one of my favorite battalion members has a speech impediment

    Anyway, you have three options, attend speech therapy or improve your speech on your own, stop caring about whether you’re pronouncing things right or not, or remain silent. I don’t recommend the last one

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