Is it normal that i'm always full on a keto diet?

I'm currently intermittent fasting on a keto diet. I eat one healthy and balanced meal a day and fast for approximately 18-30 hours, depending on how full I feel. I always feel incredibly full even though I don't eat much. Is it perhaps the state of ketosis causing all this? I eat no more than 4g of carbs a day and I eat high amounts of protein and healthy fats that far exceed the very small amounts of carbs I eat. Is it normal to never really get hungry and feel satisfied with very small meals?

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  • On keto you dont have those blood sugar swings you dont have as much of an appetite. People who consume a lot of carbs develope insulin resistance.
    this makes your body starve for more carbs because cells no longer use the sugar so your blood sugar levels go real high since your cells wont take them. This causes your body to dump massive amounts of insulin to protect itself from the sugar. This is a bigger problem than ppl realize this is why people today are so fat. They're insulin resistant

    The thing about keto is it causes your body to run off fat instead of sugar. You can pee on the testers to see if you're in ketosis. Any sugar your cells need are produced naturally in the liver. On keto you dont have all your cells telling your brain to consume more carbs/sugar so they can the sugar that your cells cant even use. Your cells basically ger a high tolerance to it. Keto runs on fat so if you fast it will just use body fat or fat in the diet. Theres no massive blood sugar spikes or drops. It is the healthiest diet in my opinion and you feel so good on it.

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