Is it normal that i'm 10x more attracted to smoking people?

I know smoking is super unhealthy, that it fucking stinks, etc, yet I can't help but feel kind of attracted to smoking people. I tried to watch some smoking-oriented "porn" videos, but it's not exactly the same thing. I feel better about "casual" things (not a fake blonde bitch that stares into the void while holding her smoke like she broke her wrist, for example). I must specify that I'm a girl in my late teens.

Is it normal or am I just getting weirder and weirder?

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  • Sup

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  • Smoking is pretty much along the same lines, in my opinion as farts. People used to try to start smoking in my truck, i would pull over and tell them"you smoke- I fart". If they wanted to smoke bad enough they could ride in the back. They didnt believe i had a Rumble Seat. But myself, i think smoking is one of the most disgusting habit. At least if someone does a line, its not gonna choke me out and give me lung damage.

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  • I had the same problem. The only women I attracted were smokers, and I got caught into this habit myself. It was a vicious circle. I read about emphysema and lung cancer. And had a few bouts of acute bronchitis before finally seeing the light. Smoking cigarettes is the worst thing you can do to your health. I'd rather you load your system with tons of junk food especially if you're not prone to diabetes in your genetic line (although not recomending). But smoking tobacco is horrible and disgusting on so many levels. I no longer associate with people who smoke cigarettes. I travel a lot and everywhere I see smokers. For some reason, Europeans smoke a hell lot more than Americans do. A lot of European women are superhot, but that still doesn't mean you have an immunity to social rules against smoking. Seriously people, you will do well to stay away from smokers altogether. Fuck the lot of them.

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  • so firefighters and arson victims and such?

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