Is it normal that i love smelling my own farts but hate other peoples?

It's disgusting when anyone farts near me, the smell makes me wanna puke! However my farts are addicting and I can't help but to take a whiff.

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  • Seems like a lot of people love smelling their own farts, look at all the videos of celebrities expressing how virtuous they are, and everyone else having to smell it.

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  • SMUG....

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  • Actually it's a built in feature of the human experience. You like the smell of your own farts because it tells you of your digestive progress. A good fart = good digestive cycle. Bad fart = digestion is having a hard time.
    It doesnt work for other people because their gut bacteria and genetics are different thus it smells bad to you.

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  • I wouldnt say i love it but my farts don't bother me like someone elses

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  • Don't just sniff the smell..
    Take a deep breath and inhale it. :0

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