Is it normal that i like daron malakian?

I like him because he is one of my favorite members of System Of A Down, especially because he also did some funny stuff like for e.g. when System performed all the way in 2001 he said that he wanted to hurt the cameraman or when in 2002 when they performed Sugar live in front of people he went showing his ass on camera, I thought that was a funny thing that Daron did.

Is this kinda thing normal?

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  • I don't have much against the dude, but I can't really bring myself to actively like someone who said he was saddened by the death of Charles Manson.

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  • Daron is the main reason SOAD cant make any new content. He wants the lion share of the pay. He does write most of the music but he's a real pain apparently. He's really talented though, if you watch live videos of soad back in the eaely 2000s he always looked like he just got done smoking a massive bowl of crack lol. Hopefully they come together more. I was shocked they released 2 new songs after 15 years. Hopefully they do another album.

    Soad is by far my favorite rock band.

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