Is it normal that i have a shaky voice?

Most of the time when I speak my voice becomes noticeably shaky. My voice is all over the place and it makes me even more anxious when I hear that my voice is trembling again. I tried taking deep breaths but nothing really helps. I looked into it and I think I might be stuttering a little bit with repetitions (repeating syllables).

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  • Low blood sugar?


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  • I've ha relatively deep voice since I was a child. I sing alto. 😎🌹

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  • Don't worry about it. Someone once told me I sound like Bobcat Goldthwait.

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  • Maybe you are anxious. I have a quiet voice but I can't make it louder, if I try it feels like i'm straining really hard. Maybe it's because I don't talk that much lol. Well there's always speech therapy, have no experience of it myself but if you have a stutter (though stuttering can be due to social anxiety as well) it could probably be helpful.

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