Is it normal that i hate it when people use bleach to clean my kitchen?

I absolutely despise when anyone uses bleach to clean anything other than the toilet or maybe bathroom floors. I told off my grandma for using it in the kitchen today.

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  • Your grandma cleaned your house and you scolded her? Fuck off.

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    • This^

      My grandmother was a saint! A legend! Only wish she was still alive, so I could learn more from her about the family history, how people lived and a whole bunch of stuff.

      OP sounds like a prick.

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  • Why do other ppl clean ur kitchen

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  • Wish someone would clean my kitchen.

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  • Dude, when my grandmother was still alive, I helped her with whatever I could... I didn't make her do my damn chores. Clean your own kitchen!

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  • 1. Very disrespectful to your GRANDMOTHER. You could of mentions NICELY you dont like bleach for cleaning anything but the toilet. Everyone if diffrent....

    2. Why dont you just clean your own house then if you're going to complain. Smh.

    I could say more but nah

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  • Sometimes you have to spank your grandma

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  • Bleach is my friend! I'll clean whatever I can with it! Its the sense of knowing something is clean and the smell also reminds me its clean 😍

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  • So clean your own kitchen then.

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