Is it normal that i find among us boring?

Every time I play the game Among Us, I get frustrated and end up leaving. Everyone assumes that if one player makes a mistake they should be voted out but it's just mainstream isn't it? There's no reason to vote them out for making a mistake other than they have nothing better to do. I just can't stand this game anymore? It's pisses me off how the game always goes one direction is always going the same way?

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  • That's a pretty sus thing to say to be honest. Sounds exactly like what an imp would say.

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  • That game looks like a flash game I would play back in 2007.

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  • I never liked the game to begin with, Idk why most of my friends like it.

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  • No, it's your opinion

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  • I love among us!

    *Several people are typing*

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  • I have no clue why so many people play it and like it...

    Aren't great games supposed to be projects that push the boundaries of gaming to new levels? World design, characters, story, freedom, graphics... Among us has neither of those. It looks more like a flash game, than an actual game worth 20 bucks!

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  • When it first kicked off, I didn't like it that much. Now that it has been out for several months there are several mods that make the game more interactive. (If you have a large enough friend group able to play.)

    I would rather play Town of Salem though.

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