Is it normal that i felt sad about my college closing down permanently?

My college randomly announced on a Friday afternoon that they were shutting down permanently due to lack of funding, people were celebrating and I was the only one who felt sad for it shutting down permanently.

So I decided to take everything out of my locker and left the building telling myself " I'm gonna miss this place"

It was heart-breaking so I just hugged the principal or dean ( or whatever people call it these days ) because I knew I was going to miss her and the other teachers who taught me.

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  • That would be heartbreaking. Of course you'd miss them. They provided education, training and stability for you. Did the others just hate the college, or something?

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  • a college principal?

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    • It's a case of the OP not being from the US. In the United Kingdom, "college" is the equivalent of 11th and 12th grade.

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  • I’m sorry you’re in this situation, I’m not sure why anyone would celebrate this disruption in their education, unless they had already resigned themselves to academic failure.

    You’re going through an unexpected life change and you’re allowed to feel sad about it.

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  • What school is this?

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  • Totally normal. I'm sure that they appreciated the hug and thoughts behind it.

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  • I was absolutely mind-boggled by the idea of students being excited by a college being shutdown until it was revealed there was a principal involved.

    I'm assuming you're from the United Kingdom?

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