Is it normal that i drink wine out of the bottle?

I don't see the point in pouring it into a wine glass! I usually drink straight from the bottle till I get drunk. I end up breaking wine glasses anyway.

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  • That's the best way to drink it. Put one of those crazy straws in it and its even better.

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  • In my twenties when we would start drinking out of bottles it usually meant that we had drunk too much. There has been times when we did it just because we were hiding to drink and had no glasses.

    I usually drink wine out of any glass if I'm home alone. These wine glasses are sometimes stupidly expensive.

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  • Billy Idol, is that you?

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  • I mean, sure, if you're alone and no one's around. Otherwise, maybe you should hold back a little. Or buy me a bottle instead of hogging it all.

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  • Classy

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  • if i drink wine its outta a pint glass

    i feel like a tool with a wine glass and they are indeed tippy

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