Is it normal that i don't take care of myself like this?

I hardly shower, brush, shave or anything like that. I never go out. Never. I don't get fresh air or sunlight. I drink a lot of alcohol for no real reason.

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  • I mean there's never no reason to be drinking, sobriety can really suck

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  • You’re an alcoholic and possibly have depression. You should start taking smaller steps to have better hygiene, like just try brushing your teeth at first.

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  • That is how my father had gotten before he killed himself. Seek help.
    As "my_life_my_way" put it ; you may have depression and a dependence on alcohol as an escape.
    I myself feel the need to shower 2-3 times per day ; so to have somebody on the opposite side of the spectrum is ... Whatever. Then you brought up the alcohol , and my brain went to the same as mlmw's.
    Please try to get better. My father was an alcoholic and took his life at 32 after he stopped caring about hygiene and drinking alcohol every day. He started secluding himself , and eventually asked my mother to meet him on the day he died in the spot he was later found dead whilst she was pregnant with me.
    I know that it may not come to something as drastic as that ; but please do start taking care of yourself more. Atleast in the way of alcohol.
    I know this is not entirely related , but try stretching for anywhere from 5-30 minutes before bed. It takes alot of stress off of you. Even simple things as leaving your curtains open to get some direct sunlight may help ; even if just the most miniscule amount.
    As for shaving , alot of people dig that look ; myself included ... I just can't grow facial hair to save my life.

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