Is it normal that i don't know that i'm an alcoholic?

People have asked me if I had an alcohol problem and offered to help me but I don't think I have a problem. I like to drink cause it's fun and it feels good. I'm not hurting anyone so I don't see a problem. I can go 3-7 days without drinking at all so I'm not an alcoholic. I really just enjoy drinking. When I drink I always get drunk. I don't see the point in drinking alcohol and not getting drunk? My drinking may be a little excessive at times but I'm not an alcoholic!

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  • Alcoholism is a progressive illness. Better to seek help and be wrong than not and never get help.

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  • That's like saying going to the club is pointless if you aren't going to drink.

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  • you ask yourself is it normal you don't know that you're an alcoholic? But you obviously know you are, otherwise why would you ask this question in these words?

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  • You’re in denial, which is common for alcoholics. You may be borderline now, but if you don’t accept your problem, you’ll find that your binging becomes more frequent and more profound.

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  • The fact that you can white-knuckle thru a few days or a week without drinking doesn't mean you're not an alcoholic. But the fact that when you drink, you drink to excess indicates that you do have a problem with alcohol. You may not be hurting anyone but yourself, but don't you see that as a problem?

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