Is it normal that i don't drink alcohol for the taste?

Whenever I drink alcohol I only consume it to feel the effects, not to enjoy the taste or moment. I actually dislike all alcoholic beverages but it's worth the bad taste to get that buzz.

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  • If you’re drinking cheap alcohol that’s to be expected. Once the price goes up the taste improves.

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    • 30-50 bucks is the sweet spot for a bottlea liquor

      maybe as high as 60-70 for scotch

      pay any less and its rotgut hangover fuel

      pay more and youre buyin a story not booze

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  • yes of course this is normal.. alcohol tastes like shit but it’s pretty damn fun

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  • I don't know anybody who drinks alcohol for the taste.

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  • Meh normal, most people drink for the taste. They unnecessarily drink only because it's a trend, especially when it comes to partying.

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  • There are so many varieties of alcoholic beverages from the strongest tasting to the weakest tasting, from the most bitter to the very sweetest, I’d be shocked if there are many people who can’t find a single alcoholic drink they’d enjoy. Some drinks you can’t even tell by the taste that they have alcohol in them. To drink just for the quickest/cheapest drunk with no regard for taste would likely mean drinking pure grain alcohol. I doubt many people who say they “don’t drink for the taste” do that.

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