Is it normal that i desperately want to move out even though i love my family?

I'm 21 and I just don't like living here. It's silly because my living situation isn't too bad compared to many others whom wish to move out. I'm gonna start by talking about my family:

-I don't have a great relationship with my dad. I do love him, and we can joke and laugh together. It's just that he stresses me out a lot, and I have some resentment towards him when it comes to how lacking his presence has been in my life.

-My brother is like a best friend to me, but living in the same house as him can be difficult. He is on the autistic spectrum, and when he's stressed, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells to avoid triggering a meltdown.

-My mom is one of the most important people in my life. She's strong and I really look up to her. I can talk to her about anything and she's always supportive. When it comes to her though, sometimes I feel like she coddles me too much when I really want to be independent.

Family aside, there are other things that make me want to leave:

-- The house is small and the walls are thin, so I never truly feel alone here
-- I'd like to have full control over my food choices and eat healthier
-- My hometown is really boring. There's not much interesting places to go to and see
-- I still feel like a kid while living at home with my parents
-- I want to meet new people and give dating/relationships a shot (the obstacle here is that my family doesn't know I'm not straight, and I'm not ready to come out yet)
-- I just want a place that is more of my own. As I said prior, I want more independence

Are these normal reasons to want to move out? I feel like I'm privileged with such a living situation, yet at the same time, I just feel like I'm not truly living life right now.

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  • 21 is definitely old enough for you to have moved out if you arent going to college. You will be much happier. It will help alot if you get a girlfriend that also works and also needs to move out. That will allow finances to be alot easier.

    One mistake I notice young people now make is they dont seem to want to take the big risks and work a high paying job instead for the comfort of working a low paying job. You could move and work on the oil rigs somewhere making like 100k-200k a year theyre desperate they even fly you in and house you.

    Also sunset coal has billboards all throughout kentucky that says "30 an hour starting pay 3000 dollar sign on bonus." The technology behind coal mining has come far and black lung is a thing of the past. They use water cannons to break the coal now not explosives. Dont settle for walmart there's stuff out there. I settled for low paying jobs at your age now im playing catchup.

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  • It's normal to want to move out to live your own life.

    You can still visit and talk to them all you want with modern technologies.

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