Is it normal that i am built like that?

TBH I am pretty rude, somethimes it looks like I only care about myself and that IDGAF about anything, unless I will take advantage from it. But in realty I care about people around me and I don't know what is wrong with me but even if i try hard to be nice I end up falling, I don't even know how my friends enjoy spending time with me. (why am I built in this way ;-;)

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  • I don't think someone is built an asshole, it's an option. You could just choose to be nice instead.

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    • I think some people just have some psychopath gene. I remember my neighbor and me growing up and he always wanted to light bugs on fire and kill shit and I tried to explain why thats bad. Id say "well what if someone did it to you" and he'd stare at me confused like "...but its not me" 😂Some people just dont have empathy in them.

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  • So.

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