Is it normal that i always feel like an outcast when online?

In daily life I get along with people just fine and fit in with groups of many different backgrounds. When online however, I often feel like the odd man out or like I dont fit in. I guess it may be because I cant see facial expressions or body language that let's me know where I stand in other peoples eyes. Is this normal? Do you often feel this way or is it just me being insecure?

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  • Being able to get along with people in real life is better than getting along with people online where lots of them are anonymous that you don't know well about.

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    • Yep because people on here, ESPECIALLY here are a bit more... non reserved about what they are into

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  • You're right, of course, about how the lack of non-verbal cues can make decoding meaning and intention more difficult online, but I don't understand why you're so concerned about others' opinions of you.

    Do you seriously care what anyone here thinks of you for asking this question? We're just a random bunch of internet people you'll never meet, so why should you care what a bunch of strangers think of you when you know our opinion is based on the limited information about yourself that you chose to share? In fact, for all you know, you're the only human member of this forum, and all the questions and responses you read here are generated by an AI system that has come to some very peculiar conclusions about what people are concerned about after viewing a lot of porn and movies about angsty, confused teens.

    It would be different when you're communicating with people you know in real life, since you'll likely be more tuned into the nuances of what they say and how they say it, and the same should apply to them when they read whatever you write.

    Although I can be deliberately nasty here and in other forums when someone writes something that leads me to conclude that they're a dick, my general rule is to take what people say at face value and try to keep my comments calm and rational. If I get something wrong, I apologise and move on. If the other person can't accept that, then that's their problem and they're free to mark me down as just another internet asshole if that's what they need in order to feel better.

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  • Maybe you’re not being sincere with in person interactions but online you let loose or vice versa?

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