Is it normal that i absolutely hate frozen?

I can't stand all the singing!!!! It drives insaneEee

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  • My girlfriend loves Disney movies, so naturally, even tho we are adults, we sometimes watch animated stuff like Frozen. She loved it. Me, not so much...

    But the singing wasn't my biggest problem with the movie.
    Elsa's mentality and complete lack of sense was.

    *So, her parents locked her away, to keep her from being afraid of her powers, instead of making her embrace them and not be afraid. Without contact, she begins to fear her powers... surprise, surprise.

    *Elsa can somehow create life, a beautifully crafted ice castle and all sorts of cool stuff (Dur hur hur), but STILL can't control her powers?!

    *Elsa loves her sister and creates an icy monster thing to guard her castle and kill every living thing that approaches, INCLUDING her sister.

    *Elsa cares for everyone, so that's why she ran away and has no trouble freezing the whole land and then merrily singing, like nothing is going on.

    *Elsa's touch turns everything to ice, that's why she wears gloves, but even with shoes on, when she walks, everything under her freezes... How does that work?!

    I get it, it's a cartoon. But you gotta stick with a little bit of logic at least... Frozen made about as much sense as Minions.

    Despicable me was funny for it's over the top jokes and it's ability to cater to my juvenile sense of humor, but Frozen just mildly annoyed me.

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    • The fancy term for that is a lack of internal consistency. An author can build a world that's drastically different to the one we live in, but in order to be believable by anyone over five years old, that world needs to have rules and those rules must be respected. A stream of words describing a series of events where literally anything can happen at any moment is not a story we find satisfactory.

      Illogicality in fiction irks me too. It especially pisses me off when give the author the benefit of the doubt, let a few ridiculous things slide and allow myself to start to suspend disbelief, but then the author lobs in something so astonishingly stupid that I almost shout at the screen or lob the book across the room.

      What annoys me most is that it's cheating: the author has promised to tell me a story, but rather than putting in the work necessary to create tension and conflict from a plausible premise that leads to a logical sequence of building complications and consequences, and then everything being resolved in a way that's also plausible, the author takes the easy route and just piles absurdity on absurdity.

      Ever read Dickens? All of his stories hinge on outrageously unbelievable coincidences - sometimes a whole series of coincidences. Maybe that appealed to Victorian sensibilities where religion was widely accepted and people wanted to believe that God was controlling the world, but it's a variation on the anything can happen rule, and I find it profoundly exasperating.

      Despicable Me was also profoundly silly, but you know you're entering a daft world from the first frame, the story progresses in an absurdly logical way, and the conclusion packages up everything that's come before in a huge, garishly wrapped box and presents it to you.

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      • Good stories are hard to come up with and kids don't have the attention span to care if the story makes sense as long as there's bright colors and singing.

        My ex used to leave adult swim on all night and in the morning cartoon network was on and she'd get all mad about how stupid that teen titans go show was. Because kids don't understand comedy at all, they just see random things happening and assume its funny.

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      • I did read Dickens, as some of his works were part of mandatory books we had to read for literature classes at school, but I enjoyed his stories and even read some more in my free time.

        It is true, that in many books, the coincidences are incredible... Often you don't get enough details when it comes to the buildup. But because it's literature, we don't give it much thought. It's supposed to be a higher form of entertainment and now that you've pointed out that same flaw, I wonder if it's still ok for literature to get a pass, for something movies get criticized for.
        Cause lazy writing is lazy writing, regardless of the format.

        I mean, movies ain't exactly easy to make, are they? Even something as stupid as "The Room", where Tommy Wisseau awkwardly giggles every 2 minutes took a lot of effort to make.
        PS: Said movie only enjoyable while drunk.

        But, yeah you are totally right.

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  • Your anger...

    Let it go

    Let it goooo!

    Be free with the ice and snoOoOw!

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  • Yes it's normal, I used to hate it trust me when you get older it no longer bothers you.

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  • Unless you're the parent of a pre-pubescent girl or the sibling of one, there's no law requiring you to watch or listen to Frozen.

    If you are unfortunately in one of those categories, ya just gotta suck it up until the little darling grows up a little.

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  • My kids love it and want to watch it 4 or 5 times in a row. It makes you genuinely consider jumping out the window after the 3rd consecutive viewing.

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  • I have a young daughter so I've seen both 1 and 2 a number of times. The first one is terrible but I don't mind the second one. They definitely put more effort in to that one

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  • im not a fana disney nor song & dance movies

    im not gonna waste my time hatin em though

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  • The fucking songs are so stupid. Kristen Bell sank so low on that shit.

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  • I went to see Frozen 2 in the cinema and loved it. Maybe I’m just immature but I prefer that kids movies don’t have a ‘deeper/hidden meaning’ and all that pretentious bullshit and grown up movies often have.

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  • i mean its just a preference

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  • I've never seen it so i can't say that i hate it. i do not plan to watch it as it doesnt seem like soemthing i would like.

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