Is it normal pornographic content didn’t affect me much as a kid?

I was looking through the subreddit “Reddit moment” under the “redditors are addicted to porn” flair, and I saw a few comments about people being exposed to porn as preteens and it really affecting their lives a lot.

It feels weird because I actively sought out this kind of content when I was 10 years old, and in a weird twist of fate I found it didn’t really do much for me. I didn’t feel traumatized nor did I feel aroused by it, I just kinda felt neutral towards it, and I haven’t changed much since at 22.

I don’t know if my brain is haywired differently or something but it just feels so weird to see people talking about being affected so harshly after being exposed to something later than I was that didn’t have that much of an impact on me.

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  • Normal. They're just pussies. My older brother exposed me to South park and happy tree friends when I was like 8, and I used to find it hilarious. It didn't affect me negatively.
    Also I m*******d for the first time when I was like 8 also and I never had any trauma or anything like that. People just make a big deal out of nothing.

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  • I say normal.

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  • i was horny af and couldnt fap till i turned 12 and bought a tube o' lube and then it was like my dick turned on and i could now fap any which way i wanted

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  • Porn addiction and sex addiction is a myth. People preocupied with sex have other underlining issues. Either hormonal or child hood trauma.

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